December 16, 2017

Will Planning Attorney

Even with the help of a professional will planning attorney, making a will is not an easy task. There are tons of considerations to take into account and possible scenarios to consider. Meadows & Aderhold, PA is proud to help people like you throughout the Winston-Salem, NC area plan their wills. Here are some thoughts to get you started.

Will Basics

In its most simple form, you will determines a few basic things. In the event of your death, it states who your property will go to, who will care for your children, who will manage any property you leave to minors and who will serve as your executor. You might be able to answer all of these questions already, but a will makes it legally binding.

Decisions to Make

If you’re passing on property, you should think about holding your property in a living trust. Basically, trusts allows a trustee to hold legal title to property for another person; a living trust is a trust formed while you’re still alive. Trusts are useful for keeping your property out of probate court after your death to make it easier to pass on to your heirs.

You may also wish to grant someone power of attorney in the event that you are unable to handle your own affairs. This will enable the person you choose to handle your finances if you become incapacitated or unable to make these kinds of decisions yourself. You should ensure that this person (as well as your executor) has access to all the documents they’ll need in the event they have to take over for you.

Consider filing beneficiary forms and making your final arrangements now so that you can ensure that your passing won’t be an undue burden to those you leave behind. Naming a beneficiary ensures that your assets will be transferred upon your death, and making funeral arrangements now allows you to gather the necessary funds over time for a dignified burial.

Planning Your Will

It’s never too early to make your will. Even the most basic document will make things much easier for those you leave behind. If you’re ready to plan your will, call Meadows & Aderhold, PA today to get started. We’ll do everything we can to make this difficult process easier for you and ensure that your wishes are honored after you pass.

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